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Bringing The Classroom & Tutoring Right Into Your Home

We bring tutoring right into your home. No masks required to keep you learning. We provide help with your home works and also provide classes in a variety of subjects. You don’t have to be limited.

Baza Academy - Students

Baza Academy - Ensuring Continuous Learning

At Baza Academy, we are committed to help you succeed. We provide tutoring, courses and supplemental lessons to help refresh your class, all via our Virtual Classes.


Choose your preferred tutor and start getting help right from the comfort of your home. Our tutors are fully vettered and are qualified. We help you by making learning fun.


Baza Academy provides classes for the following courses: Math and Math-related Courses, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Finance, Accounting, etc.

Supplementary Lesson

We provide supplementary lessons to give you a refresh of your class lessons. The goal is to help you fully understand what you were not able to understand in class.


We are a happy team. Our Tutors have passion, experience and qualifications in their disciplines.

Baza Academy - Tutor - Fehingtioluwa Owojaiye

Fehintioluwa Owojaiye

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Baza Academy - Shaby Djobo

Shany Djobo

Math & Physics
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Baza Academy - Tutors - Gloria Famoygun

Gloria Famoyegun

Biology & Chemistry
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Baza Academy - Amakoe Peter D'Almeida

Amakoe Peter D'Almeida

College Algebra, Biology
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Why Choose Baza Academy?

Baza Academy has great, experienced, qualified, kind and passionate tutors. They all have many years of experience working with students at all levels – from elementary school level to college level, including adult learning.

All our tutors are vetted and thoroughly reference-checked and they also go attend mandatory online training. They all want enjoy helping our students learning online.

Baza Academy Virtual Learning 3
Baza Academy 2

Baza Academy - Our Approach

Our tutors take a personal approach to every online learning session. Whether they simply answering our students questions, helping them solve problems, helping them with homework, helping our students leaning a new subject or working on a math assignment, our focus is to create a virtual engaging and educational virtual session that is real and is focused on the student.

Empowering Students to Reach Your Full Potential

Our virtual learning method is highly flexible and student-centric. We work with each student to develop a learning journey that is unique to the student. Our goal is to empower the student to reach his or her full potential.

All students are not the same. We are committed to working with our students as a unique individual with unique aspirations, capabilities, ideas, drive and even challenges. Every student has a unique way to learn. Our team is experienced to create a virtual learning experience that as unique as the student is unique.

Baza Academy Virtual Learning

Tutoring Membership Plans

Select The Membership Plan That Fits Your Needs

Annual Membership is not mandatory. However, Paid Members will be charged $15.00 per Tutoring Session. Each session lasts as long as needed to complete the lesson. Paid Members also have access to Paid Members Only Content on this website. Non-paid Members pay $25.00 per session. Prices are per session and may include multiple children. All bookings and payments are made with Baza Academy. No exchange of funds between Teachers / Tutors is required. You are free to request a specific teacher or tutor of your choice.

Level Price  
Free Membership Free. Select
Premium Membership $125.00 per Year. Customers in MO will be charged 0% tax. Select

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Register the Baza Academy Program by registering to become a Member. Members enjoy a special discount on all our classes and products. You may also simply schedule a class with a tutor or teacher of your choice. Membership is not required to schedule a class.

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Baza Academy 3-Step Process: It's Really Simple!

1. Book A Session

2. We Match With Tutor

3. Connect On Zoom

Our Popular Online Courses

The following are our most popular courses online. However, you may find the complete list of online courses offered by Baza Academy on our Courses page. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us so we may discuss a custom program for you.


All Math-related subjects and topics all the way to College level.



We'll cover all Physics and related topics for students from high school to college.



We cover Biology, both therory and practice up to college level.



We provide Chemistry tutoring and work with you through exercises.



We'll help you with business finance including financial statements



We'll provide you with Accounting lessons from debit & credit and all.


What Our Students Are Saying

These are the words Bazar Academy Students

I've been a student of Baza Academy. They helped me with my home works. I have also taken two of their full courses. They are simply the best.
Baza Academy 2
Joseph The Student
St. Louis, Missouri
Baza Academy 3

Access Solved Problems

We gather problems that present a challenge to many students around the world and solve them. If you are trying to solve a problem and just want to access the answer and learn how to solve it, then access our Teacher’s Brain for a one time fee.

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