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Membership Levels

The following membership levels are offered to help you take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Baza Academy Virtual Classroom. Choose the membership level that meet your needs.

If you want to be a regular user of our services, the paid membership level is the best option for you. With the paid membership level, you will qualify for a special discount on our class fees as long as you maintain membership active. If you plan to use our program only sporadically or occasionally, then the Free Membership Level may be your best option. However, you will pay the regular price and will not have access to Member-Only resources.

Annual Membership is not mandatory. However, Paid Members will be charged $15.00 per Tutoring Session. Each session lasts as long as needed to complete the lesson. Paid Members also have access to Paid Members Only Content on this website.

Non-paid Members pay $25.00 per session. Prices are per session and may include multiple children. All bookings and payments are made with Baza Academy. No exchange of funds between Teachers / Tutors is required. You are free to request a specific teacher or tutor of your choice.

Choose The Right Membership Level For You

Level Price  
Free Membership Free. Select
Premium Membership $125.00 per Year. Customers in MO will be charged 0% tax. Select

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Register the Baza Academy Program by registering to become a Member. Members enjoy a special discount on all our classes and products. You may also simply schedule a class with a tutor or teacher of your choice. Membership is not required to schedule a class.

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